Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lame duck

The white duck has a bum leg and has a hard time getting around so I take treats to the park for it.

Thinking I can build the Jon Boat for a hundred bucks but I may be full of crap.

My rent includes water, garbage, gas, sewer and electricity, unless I go over a certain amount of electricity but I have no idea where the line is as I don’t use much electricity. It’s pretty nice not dealing with all those bills.

Gene is not doing well and it is looking like he may never be well again, too bad, he is a working sumbitch when he feels good.

Zuckerberg….His net worth is estimated to be US$51.2 billion, as of June 2016. The cocksucker is getting stinking rich using the Facefuck pawns, that’s you, every time you click on most things he likely gets a few pennies for it, they add up. Facebook uses a complicated series of shell companies in tax havens to avoid paying billions of dollars in corporate tax. They use computer recognition software for deciding what they block you for and it has flaws, you can get blocked for posting a picture of friends or family the computer doesn’t like.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Facebook can go to hell

Banned me for 72 hours for posting the graphic posted here, that has been on the internut for years, facefuck can kiss my ass, suck my cock, piss off, fuck off and go to hell. I’ve never been impressed with facefuck anyway, they only give you a little space on your wall and put a bunch of other shit on it that is their sit that I could care less about, including advertising. You don’t get that much space on ‘your’ wall. Does that picture look like full nudity to you?

When Facefuck has you blocked you can’t even comment at sales sites, the cocksuckers. And if they block me forever I could give a shit less.

In the ten years I’ve used BlogSpot there has never been advertisements on my blog and I can post what I want there and I have never been blocked there, other than there is an extra click to get to my site, thanks to a low class redheaded bitch.

I get the impression that Facefuck is operated by a bunch of fuck wad retarded christians and considering what you can find posted there my graphic is harmless. Fuck those cocksuckers, in the future I’ll just link to my blog like Sherry does.

I’ve decided to just make an 8 foot Jon Boat 44 inches wide, it should do just fine on the bayou and I already have an electric trolling motor. Just taking one fishing rod this morning, experimenting.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

I could write a book

And it appears that the fish I catch are also the idiot ones, yesterday I caught a 13” Blue cat, on a damn crappie jig. When did cats start taking crappie jigs? Oh, yeah, the idiots. Guess I won’t knock it, even the idiots are good eating.

A Blue cat isn’t as tasty as a channel cat but they’re not bad either. I won’t fillet a fish that small, I’m an old country boy and filleting is wasteful, I just cook them and pick the meat off of the skeleton. Don’t even skin them all the time, the skin comes right off after cooking them.

Get to fishing spot, return home for poles, good thing it isn’t very far and the idiot can still find his way.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ever seen one? Pretty cool.

Tim’s dog took a chunk out of my arm, didn’t mean to, she is just way too hyper.

The cocksuckers running Facebook (Facefuck) can go to hell. I wasn’t able to wish Dale a Happy Birthday cuz the Facefuck cocksuckers have me in the corner for three days.

“Get a used Jon Boat and put an outrigger on it.” Been looking for a used Jon Boat but haven’t found one here. I don’t think it would need an outrigger.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Had two lines out yesterday, both got hits at the same time. The first thing I brought in was soft shell turtle, big as a large dinner plate, two guys walking the path came to help me net it, they said I could keep and eat it but I’m not inclined to do that. In general turtles are in enough trouble without us eating them. We managed to remove the hook and let it go, they sure can move fast.

Not a good picture of it in the net and on its back but it was the best way to deal with it. By the time we was done dealing with the turtle what was on the other line got away.

Facebook banned me for 72 hours again, for posting a graphic that has been all over the internut for years, in another persons comment section, not even on a post, fuck Facebook, I don’t need that shit and I don’t need Facebook. Blogspot has never blocked me in ten years, there is even a picture of my fine cock there so I’ll just use Blogspot from now on.

Nature is hard on a lot of plants in Texas, my sunflowers and marigolds are not doing well.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Two Hours

I just go fishing for two hours before it gets too hot. Bought some power bait for catfish but it is so flimsy that it doesn’t stay on the hook so I bought some netting to put around it, that didn’t work either, something got it out of there, maybe crawdads? Anyway, not buying any more of that bait. Using fish parts on one hook, it isn’t working well either, no bites with it.

I’ll go back to using a lure with one pole even though that is a lot of casting. I’m a sailor/survivalist/mountain man that sucks at knots, don’t that beat all? I can learn a knot and ten minutes later forget how to tie it, I only remember a few. But I think I’ve devised my own simple way to make slip proof fishing knots. 

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Good Week

I had a good week but think the graphic is cute. I’m going fishing today. Should make a seat that adjusts to the slope of the bank at the bayou. Bought a good heavier rod and reel yesterday, in a second hand store, for only ten bucks.

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRENTY. What in the hell does that mean? 

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.